Welcome to Sands

We are located at the edge of the lagoon of Oualidia, protected natural site, privileged shelter of a fauna and a flora unique to Morocco. Sands is nestled in an oyster park. Out of time, you can put your suitcases feet in the water, enjoy the surrounding nature, treat yourself to the restaurant where we serve a cuisine based on the product. Our approach is respectful of the environment and it is important for us to develop the place in this way, we will be delighted to share with you around this topic and to make you discover the well kept secrets of the lagoon.


In addition to our dining accommodation services, Sands offers various activities on and off the water:

Pic nic paddle ½ day Go on an adventure, we take you picnic to the ocean, paddle ballad back across the north side of the lagoon and fresh produce. Disconnection ensured. Price: 600 dhs / person

Ballades in paddle, rental 1h. Price: 200 dhs

Group surf course with Surfland. Price: 200dh Group Yoga class. Price: 200dh

Private surfing or Yoga classes. Price: contact us

Energy treatment. 4 days Pure Energy Healing Price: 1800dh